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During summer, the Center will follow the schedule listed below, with the exception of days where the campus is closed. Post-summer, Tegra and Camilla will resume regular hours. You can connect with them as outlined below.

Meeting with Tegra, Director 
Meetings with Tegra can be scheduled remotely or in-person. Remote meetings can occur any day of the week. Tegra will be working on-campus Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays and available these days for in-person meetings. Schedule a meeting with Tegra here!

Meeting with Camilla, Coordinator 
Camilla Brewer will only be available for remote meetings via Teams or  Bluejeans. Starting July 6th, Camilla will be working in the office Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Schedule a meeting with Camilla here!

Contact Information for LGBTQIA Resource Center Staff

Tegra Myanna (tegra.myanna@studentlife.gatech.edu) and Camilla Brewer (Camilla.brewer@studentlife.gatech.edu).