Illustration of females and males of different gender and races and a text that reads LGBTQIA Resource Center.

The LGBTQIA Resource Center at Georgia Tech coordinates a range of programs and events throughout the year aimed at educating faculty, students, and staff about LGBTQIA issues, providing safe spaces for LGBTQIA students to build community and explore their identities, and facilitating conversations about LGBTQIA diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Meet with Us

Meetings can be scheduled virtually or in-person. Virtual meetings can occur any day of the week.

Meetings with Tegra, Director

  • Tegra (they) will be working on-campus Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Fridays for in-person meetings.

Meeting with Camilla, Coordinator 

  • Camilla (she) will be working on-campus Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Fridays for in-person meetings. 

Meeting with William, Coordinator 

  • William (he) will be working on-campus Monday - Wednesday, and Fridays. 

Trainings & Programs

The Center offers different resources to support the Georgia Tech LGBTQIA community. Some of these are:

Allyship Trainings

Get Help Now!

If you're an LGBTQIA student experiencing a crisis or if you are seeking help and support due to health concerns, sexual assault or issues related to your identity there are resources available for you here at Tech, including 24/7.

If experiencing a life-threatening emergency call 911 or, if on campus, call the Georgia Tech Campus Police at (404) 894-2500.

If experiencing a crisis that requires immediate attention you may speak with the Counselor On-Call at any time. During regular business hours call (404) 894-2575 or visit the Counseling Center. After hours call (404) 894-3498 or the Georgia Tech police.

Summer Programming

Summer is here and the LGBTQIA Resource Center wants you to stay involved! Take a look at the summer programming we have offered! 

Faculty and staff can register for our Safe Space or Trans 101 workshops! Students can stop by the office for delicious coffee, doughnuts, and phenomenal conversation for our "Queer Coffeehouses!" 

Even if you can't attend, we hope that you continue to engage with us on social media! We are excited to keep our Tech community "stinging" this summer! We hope to see you soon!

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