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As Georgia Tech takes measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19, the LGBTQIA Resource Center will be closed for drop-ins and staff will be working a staggered remote/on-campus work schedule.  

Meeting with Tegra, Director 

Meetings with Tegra can be scheduled remotely or in-person. Remote meetings can occur any day of the week. Tegra will be working on-campus Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays and available these days for in-person meetings. To schedule an appointment, send them an email at the contact information listed below.  

Meeting with Camilla, Coordinator 

Camilla Brewer will only be available for remote meetings via phone or BlueJeans. To schedule an appointment, send her an email at the contact information listed below. 

While summer programming will continue remotely, programs happening in the fall (after the first day of classes) will be available in-person depending on the event, number of attendees, and room size. All in-person events will practice physical distancing while encouraging the wearing of face coverings.  

 Please look for updated information regarding our programming on our webpage (https://lgbtqia.gatech.edu/virtual-resources). 

For the most up to date information on Georgia Tech’s COVID-19 response, please visit http://health.gatech.edu/coronavirus.  

Contact Information for LGBTQIA Resource Center Staff: Tegra Myanna (tegra.myanna@studentlife.gatech.edu) and Camilla Brewer (Camilla.brewer@studentlife.gatech.edu).