How many LGBTQIA students are at Georgia Tech? Is the community very big?

We don't record the number of LGBTQIA students at Georgia Tech but we do know that hundreds of LGBTQIA students engage with the Center through the programs, individual appointments, and services that we provide. The community is diverse with all of the identities under the LGBTQIA represented - plus many more! LGBTQIA students are in every department at the undergraduate and graduate level. Our community includes international students, people of every race and ethnicity, people of faith, first generation students, students with children, veterans, athletes, and just about every identity you can think of! Whatever your background, you're sure to find other LGBTQIA students who share your identities and interests.

What is Atlanta's LGBTQIA community like?

Atlanta's LGBTQIA community is as diverse, vibrant, and exciting as that of any other major city. Whether you're looking to join a gay water polo team, volunteer at a grassroots LGBTQIA festival, participate in the annual Trans March, see a drag show, enjoy queer art exhibits, or unwind in a queer-owned bookstore, you'll find plenty of ways to be engaged and entertained in Atlanta. You can find some local organizations in our Resources section. All of these provide opportunities for you to volunteer and stay up to date with what's happening in Atlanta's LGBTQIA community.

How can I make LGBTQIA friends at Georgia Tech?

The LGBTQIA Family Reunion is a great way to meet other LGBTQIA peers at both the undergraduate and graduate level. It takes place on Monday during the second week of the fall semester. With over 100 students attending, you're sure to make some great connections.

If you're interested in getting to know folks in a small group setting, you should check out our Q Chats discussion groups. Facilitators are thoughtful about creating a welcoming environment for new members, and you can attend as often as you like!

Pride Alliance hosts a series of events during Welcome Week which is the second week of the fall semester, and their weekly meetings are also a great place to make friends.

Are there any leadership opportunities for LGBTQIA students?

Yes! The LGBTQIA Resource Center recruits facilitators for its Q Chats, Greek Allies, and Safe Space: Peer Education programs on an as-needed basis, and we also hire students with Federal Work Study to work in the Center every year.

Pride Alliance holds elections for positions on the Executive Board every January. Be sure to attend meetings in the fall semester if you want to run in the spring.

LGBTQIA students also hold leadership roles in many organizations across campus including Student Government. Engage has a database of all of our student organizations.

For graduate students, we also have opportunities for you to help run Grad Pride.

Scheller students can contact Scheller Pride for leadership opportunities in the College of Business' LGBTQIA group.

I'm a parent/guardian of an LGBTQIA child. Will my student be safe at Georgia Tech?

Georgia Tech students experience all the same joys and challenges as students on any other campus. While no one can guarantee that your student will never have a negative experience at college, we can assure you that we make student safety and wellbeing a priority. Staff in the LGBTQIA Resource Center are committed to ensuring that your student is supported in their identity development, and we provide discussion groups, mental health resources, workshops, and individual advising to assist them in their adjustment to and journey through their college experience. We enjoy a close relationship with the Dean of Students Office, the Counseling Center, the Georgia Tech Police Department, the Office of Student Integrity, and academic advisors, and we collaborate with these campus partners frequently to provide services and resources for LGBTQIA students.

I'm a transgender student. What housing options are there for me at Georgia Tech?

Trans students should contact Camilla Brewer upon accepting an offer from Georgia Tech and she will help coordinate a suitable housing assignment. Where possible, we accommodate trans students in a living situation that aligns with their gender identity if that's what they feel most comfortable in.

I am a transgender student and I haven't legally changed my name yet. Does Georgia Tech allow me to put my chosen name on campus records?

Georgia Tech allows students to go by a chosen or preferred name within the Banner student records system. The Institute allows students to specify a chosen/preferred first name and/or middle name or initial by filing with the Registrar’s Office a change of name form. Once the name change form has been processed, the student's chose name will appear on forms in the Banner/OSCAR systems, including class rosters and grade rosters. Visit our Policies page for more information.