Greek Allies

What is Greek Allies?

Greek Allies is Georgia Tech’s LGBTQIA ally training program for fraternity and sorority members.

The interactive curriculum is modeled on Safe Space but contains scenarios, discussions, and information relevant to members of Greek organizations.

The training is 3.5-hours long and will be offered at times when most students are likely to be available. Two or three trained student facilitators from fraternities and sororities will lead the training. Free dinner is provided.

Spring 2022 Dates

Stay tuned for updated information about an updated Greek Allies curriculum.

If you are interested in scheduling a training for Spring 2022, please email William Britto. 


Event Space

All trainings will take place virtually in the Fall 2022. We will use either BlueJeans or Microsoft Teams for the training. 

Training Materials

The training is delivered using Powerpoint slides with minimal text. Some handouts are printed in 14pt font and others in 12pt. Please notify us if you require large-print electronic handouts or a digital copy of the slide deck in advance.


The training consists of multiple discussions, breakout rooms and a few activities. No activity will require movement to engage with. We can modify any aspect of the training with advance notice. 



If you want to become a Greek Allies facilitator check out our Leadership Opportunities page for recruitment announcements. 


What is the purpose of Greek Allies?

The purpose of the Greek Allies program is to make fraternities and sororities more inclusive, welcoming, and supportive of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning students.

LGBTQ students at Tech - both those who are in Greek organizations and those who are not - report feeling unwelcome, excluded, marginalized, and even unsafe in Greek spaces. We never want our students to feel that way so we're committed to creating a campus environment where people of all genders and sexual orientations feel affirmed and respected everywhere they go.

Greek Allies engages fraternity and sorority members in doing the difficult but important work of eradicating homophobia and transphobia on Tech's campus generally and in its Greek community specifically. Even chapters that are already supportive of LGBTQ members don't always make that fact widely known so it can be difficult for our students to know where the safe spaces are.

Participating in Greek Allies is a great way to show your brothers and sisters that creating a safe environment for LGBTQ members is important to you. It also sends a really important message to the rest of the Tech community that Greek spaces are welcoming and inclusive. By completing the training and posting a Greek Allies sticker on your door, you can make your current and future brothers or sisters feel safer and more at ease in your chapter.

Who can attend a Greek Allies training?

Training sessions are open to all current fraternity and sorority members and pledges who have a sincere interest in learning more about how to be an ally to the LGBTQIA community.

What will I learn in Greek Allies?

Each training lasts 3.5 hours. By the end of the training, participants will:

  • Feel more confident using LGBTQIA-inclusive terminology
  • Understand the coming out process and know how to provide appropriate support to a brother or sister who comes out to them
  • Understand the role of allies in LGBTQIA communities and social justice movements
  • Know actions they can take to make their chapter more welcoming and inclusive
  • Be familiar with laws and policies that impact the LGBTQIA community
  • Know what resources exist on and off campus for LGBTQIA students, faculty, and staff Please note: This training will include some discussion of sensitive topics, including anti-LGBTQIA bias, mental health concerns, and some brief mentions of suicide and self-harm.

Please use your judgment and your knowledge of your own boundaries and self-care needs when deciding whether to register.

What will I get if I complete the training?

Participants who complete Greek Allies training will receive a card to display in their work space or residence hall room to indicate to others that they are allies and can provide support to LGBTQIA peers.

How do I register for a training?

Spaces in these trainings are very limited and often in high demand so we often have to turn people away because we're fully booked. We therefore ask that you only register for a training if you are committed to attending. If your plans change and you can no longer attend, please let us know as early as possible so that we can open up your spot to someone else. No-shows and late cancellations prevent others from taking your place.

Once you have completed the online registration form, you will receive an email confirming your training details. Just click the button below to get started.

I want my chapter to be Greek Allies trained. How can I set up a training for them?

Great question. First of all, we ask that you don't make Greek Allies training mandatory for your members. Compelling an unwilling person to go through ally training usually doesn't make them an ally, and we want to make sure that everyone who posts a card on their door is truly willing to support an LGBTQIA person who goes to them for guidance. Second, in order to make the best use of our facilitators' time, we ask that you have a minimum of 10 people commit to attending a training before you reach out to us. If you have fewer than 10 people who are interested, please consider registering for one of our open sessions. If there is sufficient interest in your department or group for a Greek Allies training, please send us an email to schedule a date and time.