Canvas navigation


In the Global Navigation, click the Account button (above the Dashboard button), then click the Settings link. Click the Edit Settings button. In the Pronouns drop-down menu, select your pronouns. Click the Update Settings button.

BlueJeans navigation


Once in a meeting, go to the participant list, hover over your name, and click on the pencil icon that appears. Add your pronouns (i.e., “she/her” or just “she”). Pronouns may disappear after you end your meeting, but you can just edit your name through the participant list of every meeting.

Slack profile navigation


If there is not a “Pronoun” field that the creator of the workspace created in your Slack, you can simply go to the “You” tab on Slack. Once there, you click on your name, and then you can edit your “Display Name” and include your first name and pronouns.