Student Organizations

Pride Alliance is Tech's oldest LGBTQIA student organization. Visit Pride's website to learn more about upcoming events and how you can get involved. You can also follow them on Instagram

The group meets bi-weekly throughout the academic year for general body meetings and sporadically throughout the year for social opportunities and community building. 

Individual Support and Advising

In the LGBTQIA Resource Center, we recognize that students are all in different places in their identity development and coming out process. We aim to provide a safe space for any undergraduate student to seek out support, resources, and community.

While we don't provide therapy, we are here to meet with undergraduate students who have questions or concerns concerning their gender or sexuality, as well as students who want to become more active in the LGBTQIA community on campus and beyond. When your concerns go beyond the scope of the resources we are able to provide, we'll gladly refer you to experts who are better positioned to address your needs. If you're not sure if your question is right for us, come see us anyway and we'll help you figure out the best place for you to get support



Please make an appointment with professional staff if you'd like to discuss:

  • meeting other LGBTQIA students on campus
  • getting involved in advocacy or activism for LGBTQIA issues
  • developing program initiatives in the Resource Center
  • concerns regarding coming out to family or friends
  • dealing with incidents of LGBTQIA related bias 
  • questions about your identity, relationships, friendships, or other intra- and interpersonal concerns
  • locating therapists, support groups, medical providers, or other off-campus resources
  • how to support a friend in the coming out process
  • questions about the job market, careers, or applying to graduate or professional school as an LGBTQIA person
  • book, movie, or other media resources dealing with LGBTQIA topics
  • how to make your student organization, residence hall, or other space more LGBTQIA-inclusive