Georgia Tech’s LGBTQIA Resource Center is a safe and welcoming place for people of all gender identities, gender expressions, and sexual orientations. As part of Arts, Belonging, and Community, the Center serves as a resource for the entire campus, including faculty and staff.

Our goal is to ensure that faculty and staff find support and community in the Center. We recognize and honor the cultural nuance of our community, so this isn’t the kind of place where you have to check part of your identity at the door. In the Center, we aim to create a space where you can truly be your whole authentic self.

Pride Employee Resource Group

The Pride Employee Resource Group (ERG) is one of six employee resource groups at Georgia Tech. This ERG is part of a broader effort to create a greater sense of belonging among the Institute's workforce and to fulfill its ongoing commitment to inclusive excellence.

The Pride ERG hosts professional development and community building events throughout the year. Any faculty or staff member is welcome to join the Pride ERG. While the group focuses on the concerns of the LGBTQIA community at Georgia Tech, allies are welcome to attend and participate in meetings and events.

You can join the Pride ERG by signing up on the ERG website. 

Individual Support

Employees seeking support, resources, and referrals are invited to drop by the Center or make an appointment with the Resource Center staff.  

The Center does not provide therapy but staff members are here to meet with any employees who have questions or concerns regarding identities or issues. When your concerns go beyond the scope of the resources we are able to provide, we'll gladly refer you to experts who are better positioned to address your needs. If you're not sure if your question is right for us, come see us anyway and we'll help you figure out the best place for you to get support.

We are also available to consult with colleagues from around campus who are seeking information about how to make their workplace more inclusive of students or employees.

Liaison Program

Launched in fall 2018, the LGBTQIA Resource Center Faculty/Staff Liaison program aims to strengthen relationships between the Center and departments across campus, creating a vast network of professionals who provide and share resources and information for and about the LGBTQIA community.

The program is an opportunity for faculty and staff to build collaborative and mutually beneficial relationships with the LGBTQIA Resource Center so that we might optimally and collectively serve the LGBTQIA community at Georgia Tech.

Transgender Employee Support

Coming out to colleagues and supervisors can be a daunting prospect, but we are here to provide assistance with developing a Workplace Transition Plan to help you navigate the process.

Begin by scheduling an appointment with Tegra Myanna. During this meeting, Tegra will ask you some questions regarding your desired timeline for transitioning at work, what information you want to share with your team, and how and when you would like to share it. You may need to meet more than once if you would like more time to assess your options. The entire process will go at your pace.