Student Need

College can be a transitory time for students experiencing self-exploration and discovery. College can also be an overwhelming time and students' financial needs may not be met as a result of unexpected expenses or loss of support. For instance, 

  • LGBTQ+ young adults are 120x more likely to experience homelessness.1
  • LGBTQ+ young adults participate in SNAP benefits 21% more than their peers.  
  • 27% of LGBTQ+ young adults experience food insecurity.2

The Student Emergency Fund administered by the LGBTQIA Resource Center was established by the LGBTQIA Resource Center, GT Lavender Alumni and Pride Alliance to assist students at Georgia Tech with emergency expenses. 


Please fill out the request for funding via the Emergency Fund Application form. You should receive a response to your application within the week.


  • Must be currently enrolled 
  • Minimum GPA requirements of 2.0 
  • Have not reached the annual funding limit  
  • Students who have demonstrated a commitment, through their activities and efforts, to address issues of college access and success for students who identify as LGBTQIA 

Each applicant's name will be shared with the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid to ensure that the distribution of these funds does not negatively impact a student's current financial aid awards.   

Eligible Expense

The Student Emergency Fund administered by the LGBTQIA Resource Center is funding available to Georgia Tech students to use in the case of emergencies. An emergency implies a combination of critical, unforeseen circumstances that require immediate attention. Emergency funding should not be used as a regular source of funding to meet student needs. Students may utilize emergency funding for unexpected expenses that relate to personal, academic, housing, food, or medical expenses.  

Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Emergency Housing
  • Food
  • Gender affirming: buzzcards, legal name changes, 
  • Medical: HRT, STI Testing, Counseling,
  • Unexpected Expenses: car repair, medical,
  • Academic: books, software, programs etc

Funding Limitations

Funding limitations are placed at $500/academic year, exceptions can be made at the discretion of the Director of LGBTQIA Resource Center. As this funding source is mean to be an emergency fund, we encourage students to seek support from the Deans of Students Office or Financial Aid identify long term funding needs.

Distribution of Funds

Approved grants will be distributed to students through the Bursar's Office. Awardees should ensure that they are enrolled in direct deposit to avoid check processing wait-time. Grant funds will not be directly applied to an outstanding balance on your account, but outstanding balances may delay receiving of funds from the Emergency Fund.