Virtual Resources

Virtual Office Hours

Tegra and Camilla will be holding virtual office hours every week starting the week of Monday, June 1st. 

  • Mondays, 2:30pm-4:30pm -- Tegra
  • Tuesdays, 10am - 12pm -- Camilla
  • Wednesdays, 2:30pm-4:30pm -- Tegra
  • Thursdays, 10am-12pm -- Camilla


To visit Tegra's office hours, join via this WebEx link and they will let you into the room from the Waiting Area when available. 

To visit Camilla's office hours, join via this WebEx link and she will let you into the room from the Waiting Area when available.


Virtual Queer Dessert Hours


The LGBTQIA Resource Center will host special virtual dessert hours that are fashioned after our coffee hours. These will be at 6pm EST (unless otherwise specified) to provide an opportunity for all of our community members across the world to be able to attend. Join us via BlueJeans to connect with other people in LGBTQIA communities!


Bisexual and Pansexual Students -- Tuesday, June 8th
T+ Students -- Tuesday, June 23rd
Asexual and Aromantic Students -- Tuesday, July 7th 
Faculty & Staff -- Thursday, July 23rd, 12PM-1PM
Queer Student of Color -- Tuesday, July 21st
LGBTQIA Graduate Students and Postdocs --  Tuesday, August 4th



Netflix Watch Parties


Due to students requesting opportunities to still connect, the LGBTQIA Resource Center has decided to host monthly Netflix Watch Parties! In order to participate, you will need to install the Netflix Party extension on Google Chrome (this extension can only be found on Google Chrome). A staff member of the Center will start the watch party for the film approximately 15 minutes prior to the start time and will share the URL with all who have registered to attend. To join the Netflix Party, you will click on the provided URL, click on the "NP" button next to the address bar, and then you will automatically join the party. You can change your name and avatar in the top right corner. There will be a chat box for us to converse while watching the film together. 

To learn more about Netflix Party, visit their website. Make sure to install the Netflix Party extension ahead of time in case you have to restart Google Chrome!


For the actual films we will be watching, engage with us on Instagram to submit and vote on movies you'd like to watch! Follow us on Instagram to get the latest updates!


Wednesday, June 17th at 8pm EST
Wednesday, July 15th at 8pm EST
Wednesday, August 12th at 8pm EST (as a part of Week of Welcome)


LGBTQIA Self-Care Social Media Content

This workshop will be a collaboration between the LGBTQIA Resource Center and Health Initiatives. We will cover topics such as dealing with uncertainty right now, not being out to family/being back in the closet, connection/community, and resources on/off campus.

Sailor Moon Should Have Been Fat: Feminism and Fat Embodiment in Queer Culture
Thursday, July 23rd, 1pm-2pm EST

This workshop will be a collaboration between the LGBTQIA Resource Center and the Women's Resource Center. Join Camilla Brewer and Dani Lechner as they discuss fatness, body size, and feminism in queer culture. They will chat on Instagram about your fave fictional characters (problematic and otherwise) with opportunity to engage with them in the chat. Learn about fat representation in queer culture! We will cover topics such as fatphobia in queer communities, queer culture and respentations of fatness, and the unique aspects of being fat and queer.



Queer Liberation Art Crawl


June 28, 2020 will be the 50 year anniversary of the first "Pride March" (Christopher Street Liberation Day occurred on June 28, 1970). As a Center, we wanted to honor all of the LGBTQIA ancestors, trailblazers, and courageous humans who came before us. To commemorate this day, we held a Queer Liberation Art Crawl on June 29, 2020 via our Instagram page! Our goal was to have a collection of various types of art (visual, performance, written, etc.) celebrating queer liberation and detailing what queer liberation means and looks like to you. Make sure to check out our Instagram Highlights to see the art!

Town Halls

The Georgia Tech community is invited to virtually meet Tegra Myanna (they/their/theirs), new director of the LGBTQIA Resource Center. Join as Tegra shares their vision for the Center, addresses what's next to come, and answers your questions.

Faculty/Staff -- Tuesday, June 16th at 2pm -- video recording below!


Students -- Tuesday, June 23rd at 2pm -- video recording below!




Student Emergency Fund

The Division of Student Life and the Alumni Association are partnering to collect and distribute emergency funding through the Georgia Tech Parents Fund and Roll Call to support students in need.

This fund has been established to support Tech students who have a demonstrated financial need related to the COVID-19 crisis and campus closures. Funding is available to all enrolled Georgia Tech students and can be used to alleviate financial challenges resulting from the current public health crisis, including travel assistance, housing assistance, medical expenses, moving costs, financial support, food insecurity, and much more. 

Please visit the website to learn more and apply for funding.