Safe Space: Peer Education

Safe Space : Peer Education


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Wednesday, March 4th
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What is Safe Space: Peer Education?

Safe Space: Peer Education (SSPE) is a student version of Georgia Tech's Safe Space program. The goals, messages, and content are the same in both programs, but SSPE will have more of a student focus, equipping students with the knowledge and skills to support a peer who comes out to them and to be effective allies to LGBTQIA communities. We provide free dinner to all attendees.



What will I learn in the training?

Each training lasts 3.5 hours. By the end of the Safe Space training, participants will:

  • Feel more confident using LGBTQIA-inclusive terminology
  • Understand the coming out process and know how to provide appropriate support to a peer who comes out to them
  • Understand the role of allies in LGBTQIA communities and social justice movements
  • Possess skills to advocate for LGBTQIA communities and to combat homophobia, transphobia, heterosexism, and cissexism on campus and beyond
  • Be familiar with laws and policies that impact the LGBTQIA community
  • Know what resources exist on and off campus for LGBTQIA students

Please note: This training will include some discussion of sensitive topics, including anti-LGBTQIA bias and mental health concerns, including some brief mentions of suicide and self-harm. Please use your judgment and your knowledge of your own boundaries and self-care needs when deciding whether to register.



What will I get if I complete the training?

All participants who complete the entire training will receive a Safe Space: Peer Education card to display in their room or on their door to indicate to others that they are allies and can provide support to LGBTQIA peers.



How can I register for a training?

Spaces in these trainings are limited, and our facilitators take time out of their day to volunteer for this program. Therefore, we ask that if you register for a training, you honor that commitment by showing up. Taking up a spot that you don't plan to use is unfair to the folks we have to turn away and to our facilitators who work hard to provide this important program. If you register and then find you can no longer attend because of a truly unavoidable commitment like a test for class or medical emergency, please email us as soon as possible so that we can decide whether to offer your spot to someone else or cancel the training if there are too few people registered.


I want my student organization to go through a training. How can we set one up?

Great question. First of all, we ask that you don't make Safe Space training mandatory for your members. Compelling an unwilling person to go through ally training usually doesn't make them an ally, and we want to make sure that everyone who posts a card in their office or residence hall is truly willing to support an LGBTQIA person who goes to them for guidance.

Second, in order to make the best use of our facilitators' time, we ask that you have a minimum of eight people commit to attending a training before you reach out to us. If you have fewer than eight people who are interested, please consider registering for one of our monthly open sessions.

If there is sufficient interest in your organization for an SSPE training, please send us an email to schedule a date and time.


Accessibility Information

Event Space: All trainings take place in the Student Center. There is visitor parking (including disabled spaces) and a Trolley/Stinger stop right outside the venue. There is an accessible entrance to the first floor by the Campanile/Tech Rec and an accessible entrance on the second floor next to Parking Area 2/Under the Couch. All trainings take place on the second or third floor, and there are elevators going to each level. The training rooms are wheelchair-accessible but please indicate on your registration if you use a wheelchair or other mobility aid so that we can arrange the room accordingly. For most of the training, participants will be seated at tables in chairs that have no arms. The closest gender-inclusive restroom is next door in Smithgall Student Services.

Training Materials: The training is delivered using Powerpoint slides with minimal text. Some handouts are printed in 14pt font and others in 12pt. Please notify us if you require large print handouts or a copy of the slide deck in advance.

Activities/Movement: For the One Step Forward activity, participants are asked to move across a room as certain statements are read aloud. For the Star Activity, participants will write 5 terms relating to their life on a colored paper star. We can modify any of these activities with advance notice.