Graphic of wings in rainbow colors, a silhouette of a man, and the text that reads Rising Up.

Rising Up Cohort

This group is for undergraduate and graduate students who are committed to developing resilience skills in order to improve their mental health and acquire tools to help them overcome challenges. If you struggle to challenge negative messages, handle stress, or maintain healthy habits and routines when faced with difficult situations, this is the group for you.

This group is not intended to be or to replace group therapy. It can be a useful complement to therapy and it also stands alone as a resource for anyone who wants to learn crucial resilience skills.

For more information about this group, please contact William Britto

More About Rising Up

All of us experience stressful or difficult events at some point in our lives. Bouncing back from these stressful situations requires resilience - but what is it and how do you get it?

Rising Up is a group for undergraduate and graduate students that meets every week for one semester. The group will be based on The Queer and Transgender Resilience Workbook by Dr. Anneliese Singh, a practical and compassionate guide to cultivating skills that build resilience. Each group will have no more than 10 students, and each student will receive a free copy of the workbook to work through over the course of the semester. 


Who will run the group?

Participants will be supported and encouraged in their learning by two group facilitators.

The facilitators are not licensed counselors. They are Georgia Tech staff members who have been involved in the Center's programs previously and who have been specially selected because of their deep knowledge of the community and LGBTQIA issues.

Do I have to attend every week?

Participants are expected to commit to the weekly meetings throughout the semester in order to gain the most from the experience and to complete all of the readings in the book. If you don't feel you can commit this semester, please be on the look out for future cohorts. Spots are limited in the group in order to foster a comfortable environment where all members can participate; please do not sign up if you don't intend to participate regularly because it will disrupt group cohesion and prevent others from attending in your place.