Allyship Training Teams

We are grateful to our knowledgeable and committed volunteer facilitators who engage community members across campus in our four training programs. 

We recruit facilitators on an as-needed basis. Interested in joining one of our teams? Check out the Get Involved section of our website to learn about facilitator opportunities.



Safe Space Facilitators

Camilla Brewer, LGBTQIA Resource Center
Kate Curnow, Student Center
Melanie DeMaeyer, Women's Resource Center
Amber DeSadier, GTRI

Ashlee Toomey-Flinn, Office of International Education
Quinn Foster, Student Engagement
Dani Lechner, Women's Resource Center
Tegra Myanna, LGBTQIA Resource Center

Dean Stephanie Ray, Student Diversity Programs
Evan Ross, GTRI

Christopher Ruiz, Department of Housing
E. Gerome Stephens, Ph.D., Student Engagement
Rachel Watts, Workplace Learning and Professional Development
Karen Yiu, Diversity Programs





Trans 101

Camilla Brewer
Melanie DeMaeyer
Amber DeSadier
Quinn Foster
Dani Lechner
Tegra Myanna
Evan Ross



Safe Space: Peer Education

Katie Harris
Tori Kraj
Shuyan Lin
Mael-Sanh Perrier



Greek Allies

Rebecca Meyer
Mael-Sanh Perrier