Ace Space: For Aces & Aros

Ace Space



What is Ace Space? Who can join Ace Space?

Ace Space is Georgia Tech's event and meeting series for asexual and aromantic students. We host game nights, dinners, and discussions for all ace- and aro-identified students, including those who are considering identifying under the ace umbrella. Ace Space also hosts an online Facebook group for questions, community, and resource sharing.


How can I join Ace Space?

The Center hosts a mailing list for ace and aro students. Please email us if you'd like to be added so that you can receive news and updates about future Ace Space events.


Past events:

Spring 2016: Board game night
Fall 2016: Coffee Hour
Spring 2017: Coffee and Crafts
Fall 2017: Asexual Student Panel and Coffee Hour
Spring 2018: Ace Space Paper and Clay Craft Night
Fall 2018:  Ace Space Tacos & Board Games Night