Level Up: An Advanced Allyship Course


This interactive course is designed to build on the knowledge and skills developed in Safe Space by digging deeper into topics and concepts related to LGBTQIA histories, identities, and communities. Enrollment is now open for Level 2. We will offer Level 1 in fall 2019.

Course Schedule - all classes meet in Student Center 319

  • Intersex 101: Thursday, 24 January 
  • Non-Monosexuality: Thursday, 14 February
  • Legislative Advocacy Workshop: Thursday, 28 February (Note: There is NO make-up session offered for this. You must attend this session on this date to receive your completion award.)
  • Advanced Allyship 2: Thursday, 14 March
  • Queer Atlanta Bus Tour: Thursday, 4th April (Note: There is NO make-up session offered for this. You must attend the tour on this date to receive your completion award. The tour departs at 9am and returns at 12pm.)


Make-Up Sessions: Friday, 5th April - Cypress Room
10:00-11:15: Intersex 101
11:30-12:45: Non-Monosexuality
1:00-2:15: Allyship 2



Who is this course for?
Enrollment is open to Georgia Tech faculty, staff, and affiliates who have completed Safe Space training. If you have not yet taken Safe Space and want to enroll in Level Up, you may enroll on the condition that you also register for a Safe Space training in spring 2019. Visit the Safe Space page for dates and registration details. Safe Space training is a prerequisite as all participants should come with a foundation of basic language and concepts upon which we can build as a class.

This cohort is not open to students but we may consider offering a student course in future if there is sufficient interest. 


What will I receive if I complete the course?
Upon completion of Level 2, participants will receive a certificate and be recognized at Lavender Graduation in April 2019. Participants who completed Level 1 in the fall AND Leve 2 in the spring will receive a plaque acknowledging their achievement at Lavender Graduation.


What is the time commitment?
In order to make this a meaningful experience for all participants, the course will meet five times throughout the semester. Each class will last ninety minutes except for the Queer Atlanta Bus Tour. There is no outside work or reading required for Level 2.

The classes take place on Thursday mornings from 9:00am until 10:30am in Student Center room 319.


Who will teach the classes?
Dr. Aby Parsons and Camilla Brewer from the LGBTQIA Resource Center will facilitate the classes.


How do I enroll?

We will post details about enrollment for spring 2019 soon!


What is covered in Level 1?

The classes for Level 1 are:

  • Historical Foundations
  • Trans 201 (completion of Trans 101 is recommended but not required)
  • Queer People of Color and Racial Justice in Queer Communities
  • Intersectionality
  • Advanced Allyship Concepts