Join Our Team

Safe Space is Georgia Tech's LGBTQIA allyship training program that educates faculty and staff about issues affecting gender and sexual minorities on campus and beyond. A team of volunteer facilitators is responsible for delivering the curriculum in interactive training sessions throughout the year. We recruit new facilitators as spots on the team become available. 

We are not currently recruiting more facilitators but sign up for our newsletter to get announcements about future recruitment efforts.

What is the process for becoming a facilitator?

Georgia Tech employees who are interested in volunteering as facilitators will be required to attend a Safe Space training before submitting an application via our online system. Three of our current facilitators will review applications and invite successful candidates to attend a 4-hour Train the Trainer Day on campus. Following completion of the training, new facilitators will be eligible to co-lead Safe Space. Each new facilitator will be paired up with someone more experienced for their first training.


What qualifications and skills should a facilitator have?

Facilitators must be permanent employees at Georgia Tech and must be able to commit to attending a training as a participant, a Train the Trainer Day, and a 2-hour annual facilitator meeting in the summer. Facilitators must also commit to leading a minimum of 1 training per semester, including the summer, for a total of 2-3 per year. 

Some experience delivering trainings or workshops or other educational programs is essential.

Facilitators must have a strong understanding of the issues affecting gender and sexual minorities, particularly in higher education. A broader understanding of social justice issues is desirable. It is essential that all facilitators support the goals and philosophy of the program.


Do I have to identify as a member of the LGBTQIA community to volunteer?

Not at all. Straight and cisgender allies are welcome to join our team of facilitators.


How can I apply to be a facilitator?

We are not currently accepting applications, but please sign up for our newsletter to hear about future recruitment efforts.