Black Queer Lives Matter

Black Queer Lives Matter: A Partnership with the African American Student Union


About the partnership:
The Black Queer Lives Matter partnership between the Center and AASU began in Spring 2016 with the BQLM: Practicing Allyship to Black LGBTQIA Peers event. Aimed at fostering a culture of inclusion on campus for queer black students, the BQLM partnership will produce annual events that engage students in collective learning and that center racial justice in movements for LGBTQIA liberation.




Past Events

Spring 2016: Black Queer Lives Matter: Practicing Allyship to Black LGBTQIA Peers at Georgia Tech

Fall 2016: Our Silences Will Not Protect Us: Queer Black Women Speak Truth to Power - panel at the Black Leadership Conference

Spring 2017: Hidden Histories: A Black Queer History Exhibit

Fall 2017: Fruits of our Labor: Racial Justice and Queer Liberation in the Deep South