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Cartoon of AbyLooking to connect with on-campus and off-campus resources for LGBTQIA students? Ned advice on how to support a friend who just came out? Heard a term you don't understand and need an explanation? Want a recommendation for queer books, movies, or educational resources?

Ask Aby is the LGBTQIA Resource Center's anonymous Q&A for LGBTQIA students. Ask a question using our secure online form and Aby will post a response to the Ask Aby blog within one week.

IMPORTANT: This service is designed for general questions about resources, queer education, and providing basic support to peers. This is NOT a counseling or crisis response service. If you are experiencing stress, depression, anxiety, self-harm, or thoughts of suicide, you must contact the Counseling Center for professional support. If you are concerned about a friend's wellbeing, please contact the Dean of Students or make an appointment to meet with Aby.

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