Apply to be a Q Chats Facilitator!


We are currently recruiting an additional facilitator for the Queer People of Color group. Please read the information below before submitting an application.


Q Chats is the LGBTQIA Resource Center's student discussion group program. Q Chats groups meet every other week in the fall and spring semesters and are led by trained student facilitators. Learn more about the program.

Becoming a Q Chats facilitator is a great way to support your LGBTQIA peers, get to know other students who share your identity, gain leadership experience on campus, learn facilitation and mediation skills, and have fun!


What positions are available?

We are currently recruiting:

  • one facilitator for the Queer People of Color (QPOC) group that serves all lesbian, gay, bi, pan, trans, queer, questioning, ace, intersex, same gender loving, and two spirit students of color


What is the required commitment for facilitators?

Facilitators are expected to serve for two to three full semesters. Successful applicants in this recruitment cycle will serve through fall 2018 and spring 2019. There is an option to extend the role for an extra semester into fall 2019.

Facilitators must commit to completing 3 hours of training in late August. Facilitators will then lead a 1-hour chat every other week. You are required to communicate with your co-facilitator in advance of the chats to plan a discussion topic or activity for the group, and to submit a list of attendees to the LGBTQIA Resource Center after every meeting so that we can add them to our email reminder list.

Once training is complete, the time commitment would therefore be 1.5 hours every 2 weeks.


What is the role of the co-facilitators?

Each facilitator team is there to welcome attendees, go over guidelines for respectful discussion, jumpstart the conversation with some prepared questions, and then guide the group through a 1-hour meeting. Facilitators are also there as participants who will engage in the conversation and share their own experiences and insights.


Who can apply?

The criteria for applying are as follows:

  • Must share the identity the group. For example, only a person of color may facilitate the QPOC group
  • Must graduate in May 2019 or later
  • Must be reliable and committed; facilitators are expected to show up a few minutes early for every Q Chats meeting to welcome attendees
  • Must be open-minded and sensitive to the different identities and needs within a community; we want everyone who identifies with the group to feel welcome and included
  • Must be comfortable navigating challenging conversations and helping members resolve conflicts that arise in the course of discussion
  • Ideally has some experience facilitating discussions, peer mentoring/coaching, taking a leadership role in a student organization or group of some kind, or teaching/training/instructing in any capacity


How do I apply?

Complete our online application. 

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